Artist Statement

The reason I make comes from two key pursuits:  curiosity and self discovery.  My thirst for knowledge drives the compulsion to make, while the creative process acts as a conduit to learn more about the world.  Always with the hope of getting closer to deciphering those larger mysteries about what it means to be human and what my place is in this world.  Through my craft I hope to construct a new perspective for my audience by communicating my own personal experiences while on this journey.

Glass, steel, and wood are the predominant materials I use in addition to other found objects.  I typically make multiple parts that are shaped, cut, morphed, and molded together to create dynamic assemblages.  They are all studies in the natural connotations of materials, the role of line to form a composition, and the balance of form.  Common themes I continue to explore are the duality in nature, the human experience, biology, American culture, and the cause/effect relationships of technology.