Client Work

Some projects that I’ve been a part of through various jobs and some freelance work I’ve done for other artists in the area.  I mainly make metal stands and wall mounts for glass sculpture, but my diversified skill set has allowed me to take on larger jobs in other media.  I always look forward to a new challenge.

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Stands and wall mounts I’ve made for local artists.


This was a public art project I was contracted to build for another artist.  They were a part of a public art boot camp put on by the Seattle Office of Arts and Culture.  The piece is approximately 6 feet tall by 12 feet wide and 2 feet deep.  It contains working cymbals as the artist wanted a sound element incorporated.  It was displayed for 5-6 months at Seattle Center near the large fountain in 2018.



From 2015 – 2018 I worked as a metal fabricator and studio assistant to glass artist, Martin Blank.  Just a few of his projects I was a part of during my time there.

99 Church Street – New York City, NY

This was a commission for 2 glass/stainless steel fountains that are located in front of the Four Seasons Hotel in NYC.  They are approximately 11 feet in height and face each other from across the courtyard.  This was my first project at Martin Blank Studios and the first large public art piece I was a part of.  These both took approximately 1 year from mocking up to installation.  I was involved in most all aspects of their construction.



We did a number of chandeliers while I was there.  I built the hanging apparatus for this style of chandelier off of a design that was previously engineered and used before.  The idea was to use multiple components to layer and build a volume in space around a central axis.


Commissioned Solid Figure Chandelier

This was a special commission from a client that hangs in their front entry way.  The glass parts were made in sections because of the size.  Each one was then cold worked to meet up in relation to the other.  My main task was fabricating the hanging mechanisms for each part.  This consisted of picking the path of the metal armature, grooving out channels in the glass for it to sit, then bending/shaping the metal to fit.  Each of the hangers had a mechanical joint so that it could be installed and then also were adhered to the glass with a high strength adhesive as an added safe guard.  The total weight of this was between 600 – 800 lbs if I remember correctly so ensuring the longevity and safety of the structures was always a concern.


Large Wall Figure

This piece was approximately 5 feet tall.  I believe the glass was close to 100 lbs.  I built the hanging structure for the piece.  The panel was pre-built from another previous metal worker.  I had to straighten the distortion in the material and prep the surface for powder coat.  These photos are process shots right before powder coat.  The panel was close to 3/8 – 1/2″ out over the 5 foot run.  I used flame straightening techniques to pull it back into square and remove some of the bulging from the front of the panel.  A similar groove notching to the glass was done to accommodate the central hanging hook on the figure.  The figure was later gilded with a copper leaf/metal paints followed by a patina.  The panel was a flat black.